About Inland Empire

A name that brings to mind the great film director David Lynch, which gives rise to numerous interpretations. For us it is an 'invitation to enter the inside of the mind of the group and discover our vision of music.

From an idea that runs through the 80s and 90s with the desire to create, play and interpret original songs. Six years ago, in 2008, the notes take shape and also the first songs, and in parallel, the first difficulties to find a convinced voice.

After several attempts, we decide to have a female voice and at the fourth attempt arrives our Gea who with passion and commitment in a month write the lyrics of the first album.

In the wake of enthusiasm, in eight months' 'hunting artist' and various vicissitudes, other guys come in and close the loop. Therefore in August 2013, a new experiment for all participants began with a background of Italian rock, progressive, hard rock, metal and toward sounds that can’t be classified as a particular style.

This search for identity has lasted for years as the discovery and decoding of a portal that opens a path to new sounds, notes and words that could express our spirits. The portal, our Stargate, to be opened just needs its symbols to be included as they have included members of the group, the satellites.

Intertwined to perfection in the circle has been created for us to open to this new experience that we hope to share with those who read this page. Now what would you like? Whether you are talking about music, sound? Discover our inner world, our inland empire, crossing the Stargate.

You decide if you're in a world of chaos in which everything happens by mistake maybe or maybe where it all started really well, in a world of inner emotions that they just want to explode ......

A New Album Approaching!

A new Album is going to comes out! Get ready and stay tuned with us!

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